Corporate Entertainment

Corporate entertainment takes on a whole new twist as our artist bring something entirely unique to your event. 

corporate entertainment

Trade Shows

We specialize in attracting attention to your booth by providing something rare and fun. Our artists can decorate your booth, entertain your guests with live art, or have a balloon clad model attract visitors. 

Booth Decor 

corporate entertainment

We’ll make your booth stand out with balloon decor that matches your theme or product. We do not just fill up space with boring columns and arches, but rather unique, stand-out sculptures, that make people stop and stare. 

Give Aways 

corporate entertainment

Sure. You could hand out Starbursts and Tootsie Rolls, but if you want something people will actually remember and talk about the next day, how about a Balloon Artists making elaborate sculptures right in front of their eyes. Give attendees something that really draws their attention! Warning, we draw a really large crowd. The booths to the right and the left of you will be reaping the benefits as well.

Balloon Dresses 

corporate entertainment

If you want something that really stops people in their tracks, this is the way to go. People can’t help but stop and ask questions. Our experienced trade show models learn about your company, so they can intelligently tell people about your product while they are answering questions about the dress

Corporate Parties 

Strolling Entertainment 

corporate entertainment

Our highly skilled, professional balloon artists are great for corporate entertainment. They know how to work a room, keep the guests entertained, and manage crowds. Let their incredible balloon skills be the highlight of your event! 

Balloon Costumes 

Corporate entertainment
Your guests will be amazed when they see a beautiful girl in a gorgeous balloon gown. They will love posing for pictures and chatting about this entirely unusual, piece of living art.




Team Building 

 Our teambuilding expert’s teach your employees how to work together by building giant balloon sculptures. We start by teaching everyone a few simple twists, then have everyone work together to create something really special.