Balloon Octopus Menorah

Octopus Menorah!  “Todd asked me to make a menorah, so I made this!” Tawney spent a couple of weeks during the holidays kicking around New York, and working some swanky…

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Balloon Monster Costumes

The World Inflated team created a set of balloon monster costumes. This eclectic group of friends were heading out for a fun night at Omnia nightclub in Las Vegas, and wanted some unique Halloween costumes to wear. There were quite a few personality types in the group, so created individual costumes to match their personalities.

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Halloween Balloon Bikini for Surrender Nightclub

Tawney B was at it again last night, as showed of her skills with this incredible Halloween balloon bikini. It was worn by the famous/infamous SnakeBabe, and the bikini looked stunning. The crowd went crazy for the sexy yet classy bikini, and everyone loved her giant balloon wings. 

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Balloon​ ​Tuxedo​ ​for​ ​Cosmopolitan

World Inflated and the Twisted Balloon company teamed up in New York City to create a balloon tuxedo for Cosmopolitan Magazine. We were brought in to be part of a rather interesting shoot. Here's the idea. We put a hot guy in a balloon tuxedo, and pop it off of him! What's left underneath are his briefs and gorgeous six pack abs!  

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Balloon Rainbow for Circus Couture

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know Circus Couture is one of our favorite events. For the past eight years, Las Vegas's best entertainers, artists, fashion designers, and technicians have come together to put on an incredible fundraiser. The profits from this show go entirely to The Children's Specialty Center of Nevada and the St. Baldrick's Foundation. Hundreds of people donate their time and energy to this labor of love, and the result is magical.

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