Balloon Costumes

balloon costumes
If you want to immerse yourself in pure joy and happiness, wear a balloon costume. They are so fun and playful, it’s hard to describe the feeling. Everyone wants to take their picture with you, and everyone wants to dance with you. Everyone just wants to be a part of this incredible experience. Whether it’s for a stage show at a corporate gala, or a halloween party in someone’s back yard, these balloon costumes will be the thing people talk about.

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It takes balloons, imagination, twists, and dexterity to create these inflatable, wearable, pieces of art. Tawney B, and her incredible team of renowned balloon artists, have dreamt up some of the world’s most unique and stunning balloon costumes. We put love into everything we design, so each costume is as unique as its wearer. 

Who makes these balloon costumes?

As World Inflated’s lead designer, Tawney B has had her hands on just about every single costume we’ve created. She was the featured designer for Circus Couture’s “Unlocked”, and took home first place in the 2015 T&S International Balloon Art’s costume contest. Her love of costume design and balloons have become a bit of an obsession. “I’m constantly coming up with new ideas,” she says. “I have binders and binders full of sketches all waiting to come to fruition!” Her energy and love can be seen on all of our designs, so you know you’re getting something really special.

balloon costumesCan people actually where these? 

“The secret to a good design, is identifying with who is going to be wearing it.” It’s frequently Tawney hiding behind the latex, so she has a terrific sense of what makes a costume really come to life. “I like to focus on what details will make it stand out, so I can create something that feels alive.” Balloon costumes and dresses are Tawney’s passion, and you get the distinct impression she smiles while making them.

Strong  and Beautiful: Balloon Costumes are built to be played in

Our balloon costumes are incredibly well-made, and they are built to be played in. All the twisting, weaving, and balloon contorting is done with great precision and care. We use the highest quality balloons available on the market, so you can feel safe knowing it will hold up to the rigors of a good event. Tawney comes from a background of costume design and theatre, so she’s very aware of what makes a piece wearable. “It needs to have a level of practicality in addition to being beautiful”.

balloon costumesBalloon costumes take anywhere from 4 to 40 hours to create, and they are sumptuous to look at. It’s impossible not to feel happy looking at them, just because they are so full of color and whimsey. 

balloon costumesHow are Balloon Costumes Built?

Tawney painstakingly crawls under the costume, hovers on top of it, and she breaks her back to get it to look exactly right. The process can be a beast sometimes, but the end result is fantastic. The balloon costumes are made using a range of techniques and twists, but they are typically woven together like a basket. It turns out that underwater basket weaving class Tawney took was a great career move!

Where does the inspiration come from?

“I’ve been making balloons for so long,” Tawney says, “that it’s hard for me to look at an object and not see it as a balloon. I imagine a magical world where everything is made out of balloons. The trees, the flowers, the buildings, and creatures all made out of inflatable shapes. Much like our world, there’s a wide variety of characters and cultures. Some of the characters are from a rainbow city full of glitter and sunshine, others are from a darker, creepier place where mischief is king. I strive to bring the enchantment of their world into ours.” 

Happy Models!

The models Tawney works with adore her. Shemakes such gorgeous outfits for them, and we have all heard the squeals of delight as they first lay eyes on the finished product. “I always look forward to being exhausted after wearing one of Tawney’s balloon costumes,” says model Misty Jay. “They are so freaking fun to wear. I spend the whole time playing, so it doesn’t even feel like I’m at work. Everyone wants to take their picture with me, and I can tell they are a little jealous! It’s like being a Disney Princess! Seriously, I have done so many trade shows, and I have never seen something that attract this much attention. People can’t stop staring! It’s really incredible.”

Here are a few more balloon costumes for your eyes!