Balloon Dresses

Balloon Dresses

Balloon dresses are strangely elegant. They aren’t something you see everyday. They’re the show stopper and the thing people remember. People will ask questions about how they were made, how long it took, will they ever see another one again. At WORLD INFLATED, we love bringing our wearable creations to the party. Both gracefully whimsical and marvelously playful we design each balloon dress to match the theme and energy of your occasion. Our philosophy is simple: weird is fantastic. We want our weird to be the highlight of your event. 

So People Can Actually Wear Balloon Dresses?

Yes! Working with the highest quality latex, these balloon dresses are surprisingly wearable and durable. We know because we’ve worn them ourselves. Believe it or not, we’ve even sat in some of them!  Granted, some of them are easier to wear than other, but we work with each client individually to come up with the right design for their event. We want our dresses to be the hit of your event, so we want them to be able to flawlessly move around the party with confidence and pride!  

Where did this inspiration for balloon dresses come from?

Tawney B created her first balloon dress in 2003 as part of balloon balloon project for Burton and Burton in Atlanta Georgia. The event’s ‘Around the World’ theme, featured famous landmarks and people from around the globe all made entirely out of balloons. Included in this display was an Italian vineyard with a pool of grapes ready to be smashed by a dancing maiden. The display was great, but everyone decided the real life grape smasher needed something balloon related to stand out. Tawney set to work creating her very first balloon dress. Since that time, she has turned her focus into creating some of the world’s most impressive balloon dresses. She also regularly mentors new talent to do the same. As the owner and artistic designer for World Inflated, she sees to it that each design is as beautiful, strange, and magical as the person wearing it.

Balloon dresses at your event

So, where does one wear a balloon dress? Well, at World Inflated we feel like a balloon dress works for any occasion! Seriously. Check out the Balloons in the City article to see some of the goofy places we have taken these balloon dresses! We’ve made made them for so many events, it’s hard for us to feel like there’s not a good place for them. Trade shows, night clubs, weddings, corporate events, our dresses add that amazing, avant-garde, whimsical feel to any party. We would love to see one of our wearable creations at your next event. Please contact us for details on how you can order these fabulous gowns. 


~Can you sit in a balloon dress?

Kind of? It really depends on the style of dress you are wearing. For quite a few of our designs, the model can sit on a stool and just let the dress wrap fall around it. 

~What if  you have to go to the bathroom?

Ah! Perhaps our most frequently asked question! Typically asked in a hushed whisper. Over many, many trials and errors, we have come up with a few very creative ways of making this possible. In certain cases we make the dress in pieces so the bottom half can be removed. In other cases, the dress is designed so the skirt can be lifted up. It really all depends on the style of dress. 

~How many balloons are in each one?

There are anywhere from 200 to 2000 balloons in each dress. Sometimes even more! It largely depends on the intricacy of the design, and how it is styled.

~How long does it take to make a balloon dress?

Here again, it largely depends on the design. A typical dress takes around 8 hours to make, but we have made them in as little time as an hour. For some of the more complicated designs, it can take considerably longer. The wedding dress, took over 40 hours because of all the non-inflated balloon details! 

~What if one balloon pops? Does it ruin the whole thing?

Thankfully no. Typically when one bubble pops, we can replace it without much hassle or swearing!

~Can you move in a balloon dress?

Yup! You can move, dance, drink, and be merry! They are sturdier than you think. Of course some designs are easier to move in than others, but that is why we take the time to figure out exactly what design is going to work best for your event.

~Has anybody ever intentionally popped a balloon while someone was wearing it?

Sigh. I am sad to say, yes. It is NOT a common occurrenc, and most people we have come across have been very respectful and too in awe to even consider something like that. Unfortunately we have had a couple of occurrences where someone thought it would be funny to pop part of the dress. Because of this, for certain events, we insist on having a security escort. The person INSIDE the dress is FAR more valuable than the dress itself.

~Is wearing a balloon dress hot?

Heck yeah! We think everyone looks super hot in a balloon dress! As far as the actual temperature, they really aren’t that bad. There are very tiny holes in between each balloon, which makes them surprisingly breathable.