Balloon Bikinis

Balloon Bikinis

Balloon bikinis are a unique, affordable, and sexy way to stand. Our designs range anywhere from sleek and classy to outrageous and funny. It’s our goal to create fashion that fits your personality. Because of this, no two designs are exactly alike. We work directly with you to make something that perfectly matches your unique body shape and personality. 

Halloween Balloon bikini
We believe you get to make your own statement 

For too long, women and girls have been told what to wear, when to wear it, and how to behave. We are compleatly uninterested in furthering that mentality. We will NOT force you into mold, just to sell a cookie-cutter product that’s easy to make. Instead, we make customized wearable art to express you! 

All shapes and sizes are beautiful 

We think your curves are beautiful, and your boobs are perfect. Your stretch marks are from making a freaking person, and your wrinkles tell the story of someone who has lived. We work directly with you to design a bikini that shows off your favorite assets, and tucks away any bits you aren’t comfortable showing off. 

Where would I wear something like this? 

Anywhere you want! Okay, maybe not the office, but really anywhere that calls for something outrageous and fun! Because all of our bikinis are  customizable, we can create anything to match the theme of your next party. Balloon bikinis make great Halloween costumes, they are also an awesome way to promote a product. While we don’t really recommend using them as a flotation device, they will definitely make a huge splash at a pool party. 

Balloon Bikinis For a Good Cause

balloon bikini

World Inflated teamed up with some of the best Balloon artists from around the world to create a Balloon Bikini Calendar. You can read all about it here