Cocktail Parties

Balloon twister Las VegasFun and Sophisticated

Sophistication need not be sacrificed in order to add whimsy to a fine affair.  World Inflated will compliment your guest’s ensemble by creating fashionable balloon accessories that fit the feel of your event. At cocktail parties, we start small with beautiful balloon bracelets for the ladies, and classy boutonni√®res for the gentlemen. As your guests warm up, we start making balloon fascinators and top hats. For those bolder guests, we accept requests, and let their imagination take the lead.

Balloon twister Las VegasWhimsical Cocktail Parties

Our artists want to make your event special. So whether you are planning a wedding, hosting a 50th birthday party, or having a flashy holiday party, we add that extra something to make it unique. You’re cousin Lisa doesn’t have a date? No problem. We’ll make her one! Grandpa always wanted a Lamborghini? What color would he like his new one to be?! 

cocktail partiesLet us Decorate Your Guests

We’ll decorate your guests with bowties, and wings, jet packs and hair clips. Even your shyer guests will come around as they see how much fun it is! cocktail parties

Let us Decorate Your Party

Photo Frames

cocktail parties


Looking for a cool photo op? Balloon photo frames are the way to go! 

Entry Ways

cocktail parties

The entry way is the first thing your guests see. Let’s make it great! 

Center Pieces 

cocktail parties

Brighten up your tables with fun balloon centerpieces


Balloon Photo Booths

cocktail partiesBalloon photo booths are a unique take on the traditional photo booth. Not only do we provide a cool backdrop for your guests to take pictures in front of, we also provide all of the balloon accessories. Your guests can take their picture wearing balloon hats, glasses, masks, and even balloon dresses and tuxedos! You will love the pictures you get to go though once the party has ended.