Tawney Bubbles Balloon Show

Balloon ShowThe Tawney Bubbles Balloon Show!

The Tawney Bubbles Balloon Show is freaking fun! It incorporates elements of magic and storytelling into a stunning balloon show guaranteed to have children screaming with laughter! It’s perfect for large crowds of little ones eager to be entertained! 

Children's magic showGreat for the shy and the rambunctious!

The show involves a lot of audience participation, so there’s never a dull moment! Tawney is great at helping shy kids out of their shells and getting rambunctious kids to pay attention. The kids will be rolling on the floor as Tawney uses slapstick, magic, balloons, and nonsense to keep them entertained.

Pure Entertainment

The Tawney Bubbles balloon show is pure entertainment. She gets such great results from kids because she basically is one herself! She and the show are fun, light-hearted a pleasure to experience. Tawney is not only a phenomenal balloon artist, she also has a knack for understanding kids and keeping their attention. But it’s not just the kids who have a blast!

Children's magic showAdults will love it too!

Despite being aimed at children, the show appeals to family audiences and can be incredibly fun for parents as well! The humor, balloons and tricks in the show are often as new to the adults as they are to the children. The great thing about the show, is the adults get to let out their inner child. It’s a fabulous experience watching the children react to Tawney’s performance!

Forming Lasting Memories

The show gives children the opportunity to form positive memories through an exciting experience. “Never, ever underestimate the importance of fun” – The Tawney Bubbles Balloon Show makes it obvious just how true that quote from Randy Pausch really is! What sets the tone for the whole performance is all the laughter and joy Tawney brings to the audience, and how much she enjoys it herself!