Balloon Rainbow for Circus Couture

Balloon RainbowIf you’ve been following us for a while, you know Circus Couture is one of our favorite events. For the past eight years, Las Vegas’s best entertainers, artists, fashion designers, and technicians have come together to put on an incredible fundraiser. The profits from this show go entirely to The Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Hundreds of people donate their time and energy to this labor of love, and the result is magical.

A Balloon Rainbow!

This year’s theme was ‘Prism’, so we made a balloon to match. A beam of light entered the prism, and a giant balloon rainbow exploded out the other side. The whole thing flowed into a photo booth where people took pictures all night.

Balloon RainbowThe entire sculpture was built around the staircase, so we got to be really creative with the design. Tawney B lead the team with assistance from Erika Leigh. They used over 3000 balloons to create the balloon rainbow.

Rainbow Balloon

Balloon rainbow

How was the Balloon prism made?

The balloon rainbow was made using a technique called organic balloon decor. Instead of blowing the balloons up to a uniformed size, they are inflated unevenly to give the design a random look. Of course this goes against everything we were all taught about balloon decor, but to heck with the rule book! We got down and dirty with our creative brains, and made something beautiful and shiny!

The balloon prism was made using the same weaving techniques we use on most of the balloon dresses. Inside the balloon prism was a beam of light that lead to the rainbow balloon wall.

Balloon rainbowCircus Couture raised over $250,000 this year alone!

Circus Couture is an incredible event helping children with catastrophic deseases. Lead by the incredibly talented team of Erica Linz, Ross Gibson, and Benoit Beaufils, this show features some of the most talented performers, fashion designers, and creative minds in Las Vegas. The show is part circus, part fashion show, and all love. The performers and artists all donate their time, supplies, and hearts to ensuring no child is turned away from the medical treatment they need. 

Balloon Rainbowballoon rainbowrainbow balloon