Balloon Fashion Show in Kansas City

Balloon Dresses

The Balloon Fashion Show

An incredibly talented crew of artists got together to create a one night only balloon fashion show at the Abbot in Kansas City!

The night was filled with balloon decor, entertainment, dancing, drinks, and of course, Balloon Dresses! Led by Kansas City’s Molly Balloons, 15 looks graced the runway. Themed in black, white, and chrome, this gorgeous collection of balloon dresses wowed the audience of the downtop hotspot!

Eight artists from around the country gathered together to create 15 individual balloon dresses for this unique event.

Balloon Artists

Molly Balloons, Tawney B, Dave Brenn, Tommi May, Stacy Wheeler, Finn Thompson, Suzanne Haring, and Cara Zajac.


Jessica Rae Alcorn, Amanda Miles, and Danielle Launius.


Shani Anderson Overfelt, Amanda Miles, and Tommi May.