Circus Couture 2016: Bad Luck Balloon Cat

balloon catThe Theme is Luck

Every year Circus Couture creates a theme, and this years theme was luck. Both good and bad. We were asked to create a black balloon cat to represent bad luck. Tawney wanted to create something dark and sinister looking. She wanted the cat to be more beast than pet. She gave her cat fangs and red eyes that glowed in the darkened theatre. 

balloon cat
Circus Couture

Circus Couture is a non-profit benefit show and auction. The show is a combination of fashion and variety acts with performers and designers from around the world. The talent on stage is amazing. Before the show there is a silent auction with proceeds going directly to the Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada, and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. 

The show was created in 2010 with the goal of helping children with catastrophic diseases. Money is raised for patient care both before and after treatment. 

balloon catIn a city famous for entertainment, Circus Couture still stands out as one of the best shows in Vegas. The production is flawless despite the fact that it is only performed once. More impressive, everyone there is donating their time, so everything can go back to the charity. 

balloon catThe Balloon Cat

Tawney has been working with Circus Couture for the past three years. She typically creates balloon dresses and costumes for the stage show, but this year was a little different. She created a monstrous balloon cat to represent bad luck. The monstrous black cat loomed in the entrance way, and snarled at guests who crossed his path. Tawney put red lights in the cats eyes so they would glow in the dark theatre. Its fangs warned people bad things would happen should they get in his way. 

Of course everybody just hugged it, patted it on its creepy head, and took pictures with it, but we still think he’s scary! 

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